Livstycket is a contemporary knowledge and design centre in Tensta, Stockholm in which women from all around the world participate. Livstycket applies functional pedagogy, which combines artistic practical activities with theoretical teaching.

Our approach
We want to give women who have immigrated to Sweden the chance to learn the Swedish language and culture while enhancing their self-esteem. Even if the activities are aimed at women, men are, of course, also welcome to participate. Our approach is functional pedagogy. Artistic activities like sewing, embroidery and textile printing are combined with theoretical education in Swedish, social studies and IT. In this way, the words represent a function, a reality and a context. The words "scissors, thread and thank you" are merely words until they acquire and represent a real meaning.

Patterns and Projects
The patterns created are born out of Livstycket’s various projects. The participants draw what they see, feel and experience and then Livstycket’s professional designer turns the sketches into a pattern. You can read more about the reason why we chose to work with patterns and textile printing when you read about our patterns later on.

International projects
Since 2007 Livstycket has also been active in international projects to strengthen women's self-esteem and position in society. So far we have conveyed our ideas to Turkey and Uganda and we would like to share our thoughts and our approach to more countries and places. Read more in the section Livstycket International.

Non-profit organisation
Livstycket is a nonprofit organisation and operates primarily thanks to subsidies from the City of Stockholm and various other project grants. All the products made at Livstycket are sold to the general public through the association's wholly owned company Livstycket Produktion AB


Only private individuals can be members of the nonprofit association Livstycket. As a member you receive invitations to Livstycket’s open activities, such as our spring and Christmas markets, exhibitions and the like. The membership fee is SEK 100 per year, which is paid into to the association's postgiro account 643 56 39-7.

Livstycket’s non-profit association

Head of Operations: Birgitta Notlöf
Administrative Manager: Ann-Christin Löfgren

The board comprises:
Marianne Rilde Björkman, Quality and Environmental Coordinator, Chairman
Pär Andersson, CFO
Evrim Erdal, Professional Communicator,
Agneta Lagerman, former Principal, Lecturer
Birgitta Notlöf, Head of Operations, BA.